Extraordinary Man Podcast

037: Recap Ep. Nisan Trotter - How to Unwrap The Gifts Inside You For Supernatural Success

Episode Summary

This is a recap of my interview with Nisan Trotter from episode 036. I share an overview of what we talked about along with my top takeaways and gold nuggets in a much shorter power packed episode.

Episode Notes

In this episode I give a quick recap of my interview with Nisan Trotter including: 

- The top takeaways from his book "Born Gifted"

- How to be a purpose-driven man

- The 3 F's and why they are important  

And so much more...  

Nisan is a sought after motivational speaker widely known as the Fitness Preacher. His life attests to the fact that your gifts can take you anywhere. He has been serving in ministry over 20 years, and upon graduating as a first-generation college student from Bucknell University, his professional career started as an investment advisor turned higher ed. fundraiser. 

He took a leap of faith by leaving a comfortable paying career to pursue his dreams of becoming a fitness entrepreneur. His success in the fitness industry garnered national and international attention en route to winning the Fitness Business Summit Personal Trainer of the Year Award. He's been madly in love with his beautiful bride, Yorelis, for over a decade, and he's on a nonstop cheek-kissing mission with his three little boys, Onesimus, Osias and Omarius!

Go to www.nisantrotter.com to connect with Nisan


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